Airsoft – Simply A Better Day Out

Special Ops has offered paintball since 2011 but with the increased cost of doing business with the UK, we have decided to remove paintball from our line up.

Did you know we offer Airsoft? Airsoft has all the thrills of paintball but with non of mess or bruises. Try it today, we guarantee you a better day out!

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Airsoft – Longer Games, More Ammo

As Airsoft is battery powered, we can offer longer, more immersive games. A typical paintball game is about 10 mins per side, but with airsoft we can offer games up to 30 mins or more!

Refills for airsoft are also cheaper, meaning you can shoot more on your day out!

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Airsoft – Less Bruises, Less Mess

All our airsoft guns use best in class BBs that are kind to the enviorment, and your skin. No more bruises or paintball mess to worry about. We supply everything you need so be prepared for an amazing day out!

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Airsoft – Better For Groups & Parties

In our experience, Airsoft is a better choice for group activities such as birthday parties and team events. Paintball has a reputation for being a bruising experience, which puts many people off. For the organiser, paintball can be an unknown expense by the time everyone buys extra paint.

Why not book an Airsoft event where no one gets bruised and the ammo is included for a single price?

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Want to wait for Paintball?

As a team, we cannot foresee a time when Paintball will once again we offered at Special Ops.

We cordially invite you to try airsoft and if you don’t have a great day out, we’ll credit you for another activity of your choice.

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