Solar Power & Heating

Special Ops is the only venue in Ireland to be completely solar powered. We are ‘off grid’ meaning we need to generate all our own electricity. For very cloudy days we occasionally need a standby generator but aspire to use this sparingly and bio-fuels when possible.

All our fires use wind fallen, sustainable wood from our own or neighbouring forests. 

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Equipment & Playing Zones

Where possible, we use naturally occurring cover and obstacles to design our games. For example, we use wind fallen logs and trunks for cover, and reuse wood that cannot be used commercially from local mills. We limit the use of man made fixings where possible e.g. Screws, nails etc and reuse them when fields are updated.

Where possible, Special Ops uses natural and sustainable oils for maintaining our equipment and machinery e.g. Paintball gun oils etc.

At present, Special Ops is required under the terms of planning granted by Wicklow County Council to use ‘portaloo’ toilets. We have requested our providers use bio-friendly treatments in them.

Special Ops is subject to routine inspections by local authorities for all aspects related to their business operations.

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Pellets, Paintballs & Recycling

All paintballs used by Special Ops are bio-degradable. This has been an industry wide standard for many years. Paintballs are made from natural oils and rapidly breakdown (Often in less than 24 hours when exposed to moisture). They pose no risk to humans or animals as they are non-toxic and use no harmful chemical additives.

Special Ops has a site wide policy that bio-degradable airsoft pellets must used. These break down in less than 1 week and are designed to shatter on impact to speed up this process. If an area is deemed to have too many pellets, they are collected by staff and the game play adjusted.

Each day, Special Ops collects all site litter and separates for recycling where possible. We encourage our patrons bring home what they bring in e.g. Bring their own non-plastic water bottles etc.

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