Airsoft (Rental)

  • Play Airsoft in the combat-ready forests of Roundwood. Featuring trenches, moving vehicles and dense foliage. More info


    We Include Everything You Need!

    “First time and it was AMAZING. Exceptional value for money and a great day out. Already booked again for next week” – Niall M.

    Special Ops Airsoft is the perfect alternative to Paintball. Airsoft is a fast-paced, highly enjoyable game featuring highly realistic airsoft guns. You will be provided absolutely everything you need including an airsoft gun, full safety gear and one magazine of BBs. Need more BBs? They are only €15 per 5000!

    We recommend one bag (5000) of BBs per player

    Looking for our walk on rate? Please click here to book walk-on games.

    How long will it last?

    The activity lasts approximately 3 Hours from the time indiciated on your booking confirmation to finishing. Please note, you must arrive prior to your start time and all times are subject to the opening hours of the venue.

    Important: You MUST start your day at 9:30 am if you select our ‘All Day’ option.

    When you arrive at the venue, you will be given a full safety brief by the experienced marshalling team. No prior knowledge of airsoft is required. Once you are equipped and ready to play, you will be brought to a game zone and briefed on the game objectives. Games include hostage rescue, fort defence, black hawk and capture the fort. Generally, a game lasts between 10 and 20 mins per side, and following playing both sides, you will return to the base camp to rest, talk tactics and get ready for the next game.

From: 40.00