Special Ops Staff Agreement

As a member of staff at Special Ops Paintball, you are expected to:

  • Adhere to safety regulations currently in place including wearing eye protection & full-face protection at all times as required
  • Adhere to safety regulations currently in place with regards customers’ safety & requirements to wear eye protection & full-face protection at all times with the exception of inside the basecamp.
  • Adhere to safety regulations and procedures currently in place including ensuring registration forms/online waivers are correctly completed and safety brief is delivered clearly and understood
  • Ensure that equipment & facilities are safe and that customers are instructed in safety procedures (and follow them)
  • Check, maintain & prepare equipment & facilities as required & inform management of any issues including counting in& out of all equipment
  • Immediately bring any broken equipment to the shop or the attention of management
  • Notify management of any broken structures in-game zones immediately
  • Assess risk and act upon any issues arising from this assessment. If you have doubts as to the right action to take, you should contact management immediately.
  • Plan appropriate games and deliver an engaging and positive customer experience
  • Deal with queries, problems and complaints from customers in a helpful manner & inform management of same immediately
  • Inform management immediately of any accidents or emotional upsets & record appropriately


When working with customers, staff and management, it is expected that you will:

  • Maintain a strong work ethic: Understand that this is not an easy job. Long hours, Outdoors in all weathers & dealing with people who have high expectations for their day out.
  • Be Dependable: Carry out duties as required to a high standard and when requested.
  • Carry a positive attitude: Create a top-class customer experience. Acknowledge mistakes & still move forward positively.
  • Be Observant: Any issues, however minor, should be brought to the attention of management without delay and should you feel that a game needs to stop immediately do so first, then seek management assistance.
  • Be Self-motivated: Working effectively with little direction. There is always something or somewhere to clean.
  • Think team-oriented: Make the most of your colleagues, learn from each other, offer support & create a happy working environment.
  • Be an effective communicator: Understanding the importance of good communication, and just how badly things can go wrong when a message is unclear or missed altogether. Build your confidence, speak up, take control.
  • Lead By Example: Customers will take their cue from you. Be conscientious that you are following all safety regulations & take a positive attitude - this is their fun day out, keep it safe & enjoyable.

I have read & understood the above. Should I have any questions I will consult management immediately and prior to signing this document.

Eye Protection & Masks

It is compulsory that staff wear the provided ​eye protection ​at all times on-site with the exception of the designated basecamp.

It is advisable, and mandatory for all under 18s, that ​full face protection ​should be worn at all times on-site with the exception of the designated basecamp area.

If you are unsure of whether you should be wearing a mask or not, keep your mask on and seek advice from the day manager. 

I have read & understood the following:

  • I understand when and where I must wear eye protection
  • I understand when and where I must wear full-face protection
  • I understand the requirements for persons, including members of staff, under the age of 18.

If you are under 18, your parent or guardian must enter their name below:

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Signed by Special Ops Team
Signed On: February 8, 2023

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