Special Ops - Parental Waiver

Special Ops Paintball Limited


This waiver should be completed by the legal parent or guardian of the undersigned child. 

I understand that Special Ops Paintball Limited activities including – Paintball (12+), Splatball (8yrs+), Junior Airsoft (Under 13s) and Airsoft (12yrs+) are active, physical sporting outdoor activities.
I recognise that there are hazards on site including but not limited to man-made structures, fallen trees, dead branches, sharp objects, holes etc and that I will instruct my child to take due care at all times whilst at Special Ops Paintball Limited.
I will undertake to assure my child conforms to all safety rules in force on the site, in particular, the wearing of safety equipment which is issued on-site and to obey all staff safety rules and instructions as presented in the safety briefing and throughout the sessions of all activities at the Special Ops Paintball Limited venue.

I understand that Paintball/Airsoft/SplatBall is an active sporting game involving the elimination of opponents via the firing of paintballs/bbs from a paintball/airsoft gun. Splatball uses a spring-loaded, low-velocity paintball marker and .50 calibre paintballs. 
I recognise that paintballs (pellets) may bruise and/or break the skin.
I have instructed my child to conform to all safety rules in force on the site, in particular the wearing of safety equipment which is issued on-site and to obey all marshalls safety rules and instructions.
I understand that by removing their mask my child could incur serious eye and/or facial damage, therefore I will instruct my child to keep their mask on at all times.
I understand that if my child removes their mask whilst it is deemed unsafe by Special Ops Paintball Limited that my child will be prohibited from playing further and I will not be issued a refund, partial or full.
If my child has any injuries, illnesses or other disability, whether physical or otherwise, requests, requirements or any other special circumstances which may impact, impair or in any way affect their ability to fully participate or which may endanger the safety of themselves or others, I hereby undertake to advise Special Ops Paintball Limited of the full nature and extent of same prior to registration.
I am aware that my child may be in photos or videos that may be taken/made by Special Ops Paintball Limited or other players unknown or known to them, and I consent to those images & content being used for the purposes of Special Ops Paintball Limited promotional or marketing activities. If I do not wish for my child to be a part of such images or videos, I will make this known, in writing, to Special Ops management before the commencement of play.
I hereby give my consent for my child to participate in any or all of the above-named activities at entirely their own risk and absolve Special Ops Paintball Limited, their servants & agents in respect of personal injury or death save where caused by the negligence of Special Ops Paintball Limited, their servants and agents and in respect of any damage to property or goods howsoever this may arise or be caused.
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Signed On: February 8, 2023

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