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Special Offer: Early Bird Paintball

Book before Wednesday each week and receive 200 extra paintballs for the organizer and a 10% discount for the group overall! The early bird catches the worm at Special Ops and we are offering the following deal to any booking made between Monday and Wednesday, for any game that takes place on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Just quote ‘Early Bird’ when you book!

Our marshals will look after your group all day, giving you all the information you need to know, refereeing games to ensure safety and fair play, and supporting your team to put up their best fight!

Small groups can join in with others to make teams for a game, while larger groups will split into two teams to play against each other in their own private game, separate from other groups.

In between each game, we take a short 5 minute break in our base camp where you can have a breather, grab a snack or drink and regale your mates with your war stories, while your marshals ensure your team’s guns are ready to go for another round.

At the end of the day, our marshals will tally up the final scores and present trophies and vouchers to the players who best showed their selflessness, teamwork and downright lunacy in the games!

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