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Go Splatballing In Wicklow!

“It was a great experience. Couldn’t have been better to be honest. Great venue, great people. Really friendly, and really safe” – G. Connolly, March 2018

Splatballing is the perfect activity for younger players between the ages of 8 and 12 years old. Its ‘Paintball for Kids’ and its taking the world by storm. Friendly marshals, a safe playing environment and outdoor fun is only minutes away from Dublin City Center.

Your group will get entry, all necessary equipment and unlimited splatballs each! Players are provided with full safety equipment and instruction, along with dedicated marshalling staff in an exclusive splatballing game zone. Sessions last 90 mins and spectators are most welcome to relax in our base camp area, or take a leisurely walk on the Wicklow Way, during this time,

How long will it last?

The activity lasts approximately 90 Mins from the time indiciated on your booking confirmation to finishing. Please note, you must arrive prior to your start time and all times are subject to the opening hours of the venue.

When you arrive at Special Ops, your trained marshal will explain how to use all the equipment and get you ready for your game. You will be issued a safety mask and clothing protection. Please remember, Splatball is an outdoor activity and hence you should wear clothes that you are happy to get wet and muddy. Sturdy footwear is advised or old runners.

Once you have received your equipment and asked any questions, you will be brought to the Special Ops Splatball game zone. Here you will play a myriad of games including defending the fort, capture the flag and Battlezone. Games last between 10 and 15 mins per side, with a break in-between to allow you to return to the base camp to tell stories, discuss tactics and get ready for the next game The exact games you will play can vary based on operational circumstance but you are guaranteed 90 minutes of pure fun in the great outdoors in the best game zones in Ireland.

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